Services and its merger offer a highly secure and completely free of charge expanding catalog of services. Services is /not/ a registered company and is therefore not allowed to offer paid services. Donations are the only form of support to keep the service running. Services is currently not accepting new customers.

Recent changes:

- Malicious hosted content browser protection (X-Content-Type-Options)
- Reflective XSS browser protection (X-Xss-Protection)
- Clickjacking attack browser protection (X-Frame-Options)
- Speed and stability has been improved dramatically compared to recent years
- TLS Downgrade Prevention enabled
- Gradually updating all domain and subdomain certificates with HPKP
- HSTS Preloading for domain in the Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE and Tor browsers
- OCSP Stapling enabled for all domains
- Microsoft Windows XP and Java 6 are no longer supported
- Forward secrecy enabled for all major browsers, libraries, bots and smartphones